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Menno High School Administration Office

Dr. Charlene Crosswait
K-5 Principal
Title IX Coordinator

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​Lisa Tolliver

6-12 Principal/AD
Student Council Advisor

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Dale Weiss

Business Manager

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Sheila Wek

Administrative Assistant

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Business Office Hours: 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM


Welcome to the Menno Public School District

Menno Public School is proud to serve approximately 280 students in K-12 each day with small class sizes and certified/classified staff willing to continually meet the individual needs of each student. We take great pride in being a progressive district where best instructional practices support and promote learning experiences throughout each building. We will continue to build opportunities for students to be engaged and involved through academics and activities.

As we enter the school year, I challenge staff, families, and members of the community to be involved, hold high expectations for the students, and support and encourage them as they find success through many different pathways. Students, I challenge you to identify your goals and set forth a path to meet and exceed those goals.

To achieve excellence for our students, we must be committed to continue our learning and provide the highest quality system as possible. In addition, we must commit to the purposeful use of resources in order to maintain the excellent opportunities that our students find here at Menno Public School.  

Dr. Charlene Crosswait

Superintendent of Schools