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finalwolfclear.jpg Menno Wolves Boys Basketballfinalwolfclear.jpg
Dec 097:30 p.m. CTTripp-Delmont/ArmourMenno
Dec 156:15 p.m. CTHansonMenno
Dec 188:00 p.m. CTIroquoisMitchell-Corn Palace
Dec 2912:00 p.m. CTMcCook Central/MontroseParkston
Jan 027:45 p.m. CTIrene-WakondaIrene
Jan 047:30 p.m. CTMitchell ChristianMenno
Jan 057:30 p.m. CTAlcester-HudsonAlcester
Jan 126:15 p.m. CTBridgewater-EmeryMenno
Jan 167:30 p.m. CTEthanMenno
Jan 186:15 p.m. CTFreemanFreeman
Jan 227:30 p.m. CTHowardMenno
Jan 237:30 p.m. CTGayville-VolinGayville
Jan 267:30 p.m. CTCorsica-StickneyMenno
Jan 296:15 p.m. CTAvonAvon
Feb 086:15 p.m. CTCanistotaMenno
Feb 104:15 p.m. CTColomeColome
Feb 137:30 p.m. CTViborg-HurleyMenno
Feb 157:30 p.m. CTFreeman Academy/MarionMenno
Feb 166:30 p.m. CTScotlandScotland
Feb 236:15 p.m. CTCentervilleCenterville

Click here for results from the SDHSAA schedule site. 



Schedules--click on the link
hsbball2017-2018.pdf--Practice schedule

YouTube channel for home varsity basketball games; check it out below:

The 2017-2018 basketball season will be the first using the 35-second shot clock. Here are some resources to become familiar with the shot clock.

Video from SDHSAA Assistant Exec. Director Jo Auch about the 35-second shot clock.

*Schedules are subject to change.