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Congratulations to Logan and Hilaray on their performances at the state tournament.

Klaudt and Wade Compete at State Oral Interp Festival


On Friday, December 2, 2017, Logan Klaudt and Hilaray Wade competed in the South Dakota State Oral Interp Festival at Aberdeen Central High School in Aberdeen.  Logan was the fourth speaker out of fifteen in Class “B” poetry. Logan Klaudt competed in the poetry division with his selection entitled “Until We Meet Again” by Shane Cole.  His selection was about young man who was struggling with the death of his grandfather.  Although Logan received an excellent rating from the judges, he received a composite score of 22 which was two points short of receiving a superior at the festival.  Kim Bartling, one of the judges stated, “You are blessed with a beautiful, rich vocal tool.”   Another judge, Kristine Hayes, said, “…powerful final message…thank you for sharing this material.  Your committed delivery shows its importance to you.”

In the afternoon, it was Hilaray Wade’s turn to speak.  Hilaray was the 15th speaker out of fifteen in Class “B” serious reading.  Hilaray’s selection was entitled “Sister of Mercy” by Clyde Hendrickson.  Her selection was about a young girl who tells the story of her brother’s military funeral that was interrupted by protesters and her reaction to what they did.  Although Hilaray received an excellent rating from the judges, she received a composite score of 21 which was one point shy of receiving a superior at the festival.  Trisha Burke, a judge, commented, “You have fabulous anger.  Good empathy…Thank you for a solid performance.”  Another judge, Jennifer Ell, talked about Hilaray’s excellent eye contact and great characterizations.

 “I am very proud of both of them,” said Betsy Knodel.  “Logan and Hilaray gave the best performances of their seasons and I both had challenging selections with good messages.   They received compliments from other coaches and competitors.  I’m wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see them both competing at state again next year.” 

Menno High School Oral Interp Students Compete in District Contest



Menno High School Oral Interpretation students participated in the district contest held on the campus of DWU in Mitchell on Tuesday, October 31, 2017.  Those presenting were Breanna Mehlhaf – Oratory; Devin Rich – Storytelling; Hilaray Wade – Dramatic; Logan Klaudt – Poetry; Kyle Kyriss – humorous;  Kiara Nusz and Jaedyn Oplinger– Duet; and Jaedyn Oplinger, Tess Oplinger, and Eisley Sayler - Readers Theater. 

Of those students competing, the Readers Theater team of Jaedyn Oplinger, Tess Oplinger, and Eisley Sayler with their selection “Mirror Monologues” advanced onto region competition.  In individual events, Logan Klaudt advances with his poetry selection “Until We Meet Again,” Kyle Kyriss goes on with his humorous selection “Boys Will Be Boys,” Devin Rich continues with her selection “The Dog Wolf,” and Hilaray Wade progresses with her serious selection “Sister of Mercy.”  Those competing but not advancing are Breanna Mehlhaf with her oratory selection “Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead of Your Goals” and the duet of Jaedyn Oplinger and Kiara Nusz entitled “Ditzies.”  

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017 the Region II-B contest will be held in Mitchell on the DWU campus beginning at 8:30.  The contest is open to the public at no charge. 

MHS Oral Interp Students Compete in Region II-B Contests: Klaudt and Wade Advance to State



Menno High School Oral Interpretation students participated in the Region II-B contest held on the campus of DWU in Mitchell on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017.  Those presenting were Devin Rich – storytelling; Logan Klaudt – poetry; Kyle Kyriss – humorous; Hilaray Wade – serious; and Jaedyn Oplinger, Tess Oplinger, and Eisley Sayler – readers theater. 

Of those students competing, those who advance to state competition were Logan Klaudt who advances with his poetry selection “Until We Meet Again” and Hilaray Wade who advances with her serious selection “Sister of Mercy.”  Devin Rich is the alternate for storytelling and the readers theater team is also the alternate. 

On Saturday, December 2, 2017, Logan will present his selection at Aberdeen Central High School beginning at 9 A.M.  Hilaray will present her selection at the afternoon session beginning at 1:30 P.M. at Aberdeen Central High School.   The event is free and open to the public.  For more information on the state festival you can go to .

Menno Oral Interp Students Compete and Win at Mount Marty Contest



Eighteen Menno High School oral interpretations students competed at Mt. Marty College on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 in the 2nd Place Contest.  Students presented their selections twice in the morning to vie for a place in the final rounds held in the afternoon sessions.

Those who represented Menno High School were Paige Dyk, Brady Fergen, and Hannah Fischer in poetry; Kia Ahalt, Madelyn Heckenlaible, and Kyle Kyriss in humorous; Sydney Simon in serious; Devin Rich in storytelling; Jaedyn Oplinger and Kiara Nusz, Hilaray Wade and Sydney Simon, Hilaray Wade and Carly Herrboldt, and Paige Dyk and Caden Fischer in duet; and Eisley Sayler, Jaedyn Oplinger, and Tess Oplinger as the junior readers theater team and Kyle Kyriss, Brady Fergen, Adrian Nusz, and Carly Herrboldt as the freshmen readers theater team. 

Five of the fifteen events competed in the final round.  The junior readers theater team received first place for the “B” schools and the freshmen team received second place.  Kyle Kyriss received first place in the humorous “B” school division.  Devin Rich competed in the storytelling final and received fourth place, and the duet team of Kiara Nusz and Jaedyn Oplinger received fourth place. 

“It has been a great year for the team, and I couldn’t be happier with the results of the contest at Mt. Marty,” head coach Betsy Knodel stated.  “Now it is time to focus on the state festival in Aberdeen this weekend when Logan Klaudt and Hilaray Wade complete in poetry and serious respectively.” 

Middle School Oral Interp

Middle School Students Performs Well at Cornbelt Junior High Oral Interp Contest


Back row (l to r) Starr Kocourek, Grace Nusz, Bridget Vaith, and Anna Kludt.  Front row:  Halle VanHove, Madelyn Kludt, Layne Schmidt, and Brooklynn Mettler.

        Menno Middle School students performed well at the Cornbelt Conference Junior High Oral Interpretation contest on Thursday, March 1 at Hanson High School in Alexandria.  Those receiving top superiors were Anna Kludt (8th poetry), Starr Kocourek (8th humor), and Bridget Vaith (8th dramatic).  Those receiving a superior were Madelyn Kludt (7th poetry) and Halle VanHove (7th humor).  Grace Nusz (8th oratory) and Brooklynn Mettler (7th oratory) received excellent ratings, and Layne Schmidt (7th dramatic) received a good rating.  They competed against students from Bridgewater/Emery, Freeman, and Hanson.

        “I am extremely proud of the work these young women did for the competition,” said Coach Betsy Knodel.  “It takes a lot of practice and confidence to get in front of a crowd and bring someone else’s literary work to life.”


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