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Menno School District Testing Information
Assessement Guide
Menno Public School
Name of AssessmentSubject matter AssessedGrades AdministeredPurpose for how it is designed and usedSource of RequirementApproximate time Spent When AdministeredDates AdministeredReporting Results
Ability ProfilerCareer Exploration10
State requirement; used for career explorationState1-1/2 hr.November-DecemberClassroom presentation
Access for ELLs 2.0English Profiler1-8 ColonyTo monitor students' progress in acquiring academic English.State2 hrs.Jan. 28-Feb. 28Teachers disseminate results to parents
ASVAB - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude BatteryCareer Exploration10Used for career explorationDistrict3 hoursSept. 11Classroom presentation
CARI - Content Area Reading IndicatorsLanguage Arts, Science, and Social Studies9-JulAdministered in groups for benchmarking and individually for progress monitoring of learner literacy skillsDistrict10-45 minutesAssessment can be done daily, weekly, or as neededParent/Teacher Conferences
DIBELSEnglish Language Arts/MathK-5Used for progress monitoring of learner literacy and math skillsDistrict1-10 minutesAssessment can be done daily, weekly, or as neededParent/Teacher Conferences
NAEP - National Assessment of Educational ProgressMathematics, Reading, Science, Writing, the Arts, Civics, Economics, Geography, U.S. History, and Technology and Engineering Literacy​ (TEL).8To compare student achievement in states and other jurisdictions and to track changes in achievement of fourth and eighth-graders over time.Schools and students are randomly selected each year2 hoursFeb. 28NAEP does not provide individual scores for the students or schools assessed. Instead, NAEP provides results about subject-matter achievement, instructional experiences, and school environment, and reports these results for populations of students (e.g., eighth-graders) and subgroups of specific populations.  These results are reported approximately six months after testing.
NCRC - National Career Readiness CertificateCareer Exploration12Used to ensure all students graduate college, career, and life ready. Students must attain at least the lowest certification level on three workkeys assessment areas. This can help students deomonstrate they are ready for the workplace as they enter the workforce immediately after gradustion or pursue furhter post-secondary education.District3 hoursJan. 15Classroom presentation
PELI - Preschool Early Literacy IndicatorAlphabet knowledge, vocabulary and oral language, phonological awareness, and listening comprehension.Preschool-kindergarted (Ages 3-5)Used to identify children who are experiencing difficulties acquiring pre-literacy and oral language skills with intent to provide the instructional support needed to improve future reading outcomesDistrict
10-15 minutesAssessment can be done daily, weekly, or as neededParent/Teacher Conferences
SBA - Smarter Balanced AssessmentEnglish Language Arts/Math3-8, 12Used to provide meaningful feedback & data that teachers and other educators can use to help students succeedState5-6 hoursMarch 6-May 3Mailed out to homes in Spring
SDSA - South Dakota Science AssessmentScience5, 8, 11To provide feedback & data that teachers can use to help students succeedState1.8-2.3 hoursApr. 2-May 4Mailed out to homes in Fall
W-APTEnglish Language KindergartenUsed to measure the English language proficiency of learners who have indicated a primary language other than English on a home language survey, and determining whether or not English language instructional services are neededState5 minutesUpon enrollment into the Menno Public School DistrictParent/Teacher Conferences