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The Menno School District is located in the southeast corner of South Dakota. The community of Menno is approximately 65 miles SW of Sioux Falls or 35 miles NW of Yankton. The city of Menno has a population of over 600. The district covers more than 160 square miles of rural South Dakota. 

The district serves approximately 280 students in grades K-12. Maxwell and Jamesville Hutterite Colonies fall within the Menno District. In addition to academic classes, the school offers several sports including football, basketball, volleyball, track, and cross country. Vocal and instrumental music, as well as drama, FFA, and FCCLA, are a few of the other options available to students.

Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and each student in Grades 2-12 has their own device to use. High School students are able to have their laptop with them 24X7. Technology plays an important part in the education of students at Menno Public Schools with teachers and students using the available tech tools to teach, learn, and collaborate.

Our School Vision
Our students will become productive members of society and lifelong learners.

Our School Mission

The students,  staff, school board, and the community at large will work together to develop and maintain high academic standards and strong co-curricular activities enabling students to become productive members of society and lifelong learners.

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Current Info./Coming Events:

12/11/2018 9:10 AMWek, Sheila
11/29/2018 8:37 AMLiebl, Jacque
Friday 12-14-18.pdf
12/14/2018 9:43 AMWek, Sheila
Hoop Shoot Announcement 2018.docx
11/27/2018 9:07 AMWek, Sheila
Monday 12-10-18.pdf
12/10/2018 8:53 AMWek, Sheila
Thursday 12-13-18.pdf
12/13/2018 8:49 AMWek, Sheila
Tuesday 12-11-18.pdf
12/11/2018 9:10 AMWek, Sheila
Wednesday 12-12-18.pdf
12/12/2018 9:05 AMWek, Sheila

Activities for the week: 

            Friday -           Basketball doubleheader at Hanson, leave at 3:30

                                    JV Girls 4:15, JV Boys 5:15

                                    Varsity boys 6:15, Varsity girls 7:45

            Saturday -      JH BBB Tour at Hanson, leave at 8:30

  Next week:

            Monday -       Gr. 7-12 Winter Concert 7:30

            Tuesday -      Jamesville Christmas Program 7:30

            Wednesday – Semester tests for periods 6 & 7

                                    School Board Meeting 5:30

                                    FCA 7:30

            Thursday -     Semester tests for periods 1, 2, & 8

                                    School dismissed at 12:40

                                    Basketball doubleheader at Howard, leave at 2:15

                                     JV girls 4:00, JV boys 5:15

                                     Varsity girls 6:15, Varsity boys 8:00

            Friday -           Grade check, end of the 2nd quarter/1st semester

                                   Semester tests for periods 3, 4, & 5

                                    School dismissed at 12:40

                                   Christmas break from Dec. 22-Jan. 2

                                   Second-semester starts and school resumes on January 3, 2019


YouTube channel for home varsity basketball games; check it out below:

Dec. 14, 2019, DH basketball games at Hanson--updated schedule for the games:

4:15 JV Girls; 5:15 JV Boys; 6:15 Varsity Boys; 7:45 Varsity Girls

JH BBB Hanson Tourney Dec. 15, 2019.pdf


GBB and BBB practice schedule--hsbball18-19.pdf

The Varsity Boy's Basketball team will be playing in the DSU Classic on January 26, 2019. 

Cheerleading practice schedule---2018 BBB and GBB Cheer Practice Dates.docx

One Act Play practice Schedule--One Act Play Practices 2018-2019.pdf

2018- 2019 Calendar (Beginning School on August 20th).docx
9/11/2018 8:54 AMWek, Sheila
4/4/2018 9:10 AMLiebl, Jacque
student supply list.pdf
6/15/2018 2:27 PMWek, Sheila




The Menno School District 33-2 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its educational programs, activities employment opportunities.  For assistance with civil rights related questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Charlene Crosswait, the 504 and Title IX coordinator at PO Box 346, Menno, SD 57045 or call 605-387-5161 or the Office of Civil Rights, US Dept of Education, One Petticoat Lane, 1010 Walnut St., 3rd floor, Suite 320, Kansas City, MO 64106


The Menno School District has made every reasonable attempt to insure that webpages are educationally sound and do not contain links to any questionable material or anything that can be deemed in violation of the Menno School District Acceptable Use Policy.