Menno Wear Online Store


The Menno Online store is now available for fans to order customized items for their favorite activity at Menno High School.

We have established an online store through a company called This company makes it easy to order clothes and gear with our Wolves and Razorback logos. The best part is that we receive commission from each sale and the money will be given to the various programs. This company will let you order online, make payments via debit/credit card and they deliver to you. You can order 1 item or 100, they make it just for you! You can also customize and personalize your order.   You can access the store by clicking on the graphic or the link below.

There will be more things added to the store in the future.


If you have any comments or suggestions, please email Activities/Athletic Director Jacque Liebl at

Since we don’t have an official wolf logo, we can upload additional logo files. Email the athletic director your logos.

We also request if you order any football related item that it must say Menno/Marion.


Thank you for your support of Menno High School.